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Premium Extra Aged Cheddar

Many young cheeses are excellent fresh out of the vat. However, unless it starts with quality ingredients, it won’t stand up through the aging process as flavor intensifies & texture transforms. This three-year aged cheddar, set aside from the creamery’s first batch of cheese, is a delicious manifestation of cheesemaker Brad Sinko’s talent for creating award-winning aged cheese of great character.


Flavor Profile

Our Premium Aged Cheddar is intense, sharp, luxurious, and with a rich, exquisitely flakey texture. This cheddar is low in moisture and features the snap of flavor crystals you’ll only find in cheddars made with the highest quality of ingredients and strictest attention to detail.

What to Pair it With

This bold, sharp cheddar loves to play with the big boys! So bring out the strong flavor players and this cheddar will shine right along with them without being overwhelmed as younger cheeses would be.

 Toasted walnuts, cured olives & meats, whole grain crackers & breads, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, tangy strawberries, pineapple & honey.

Red Wines: Bold & tannic wines full of flavor & intensity.
Burgundy, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Syrah, Port, Madeira & Sherry.

White Wines:  Oaky & buttery Chardonnay, sweet Riesling, Mead,
& vintage Champagne.

Beers: IPAs, Amber Ales, Stouts & Porters

Premium Extra Aged Cheddar
What People Are Saying
"I love the flavor crystals!"

"Definitely an award-winning

"Creamy & approachable...
after a nice sharp kick!
"My new favorite cheddar..
I can't get enough!
 "Truly a remarkable cheddar"
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